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Thanks to the support of Jadu AR and the ACT community proposal, BlockchainBunny and Bigheeno have been hard at work enhancing their AR filters for Ava’s with additional cool facial eye and mouth movement technology.

We are now excited to offer the community the limited opportunity to have themselves scanned into AVAtars which can be used on social media, zoom, teams, and even in video post production with our pro version featuring a Green Screen background.

To sign up for this limited opportunity, please fill out the form below and pre-register your 3 favourite AVAs.

There are only 100 slots available, so act fast! 

Register HEre


Please enter your Ava numbers in order of preference. (2 and 3 are optional)
We have an extra option of producing a special green or blue screen background version for use on post production filters to give a smooth background replacement effect. Transport your AVA to any multiverse background with this. Please let us know how interested you are in this feature.

Register here to get your AVA on Zoom or Social Media

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